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When most people hear the term “Masters” in front of “Rowing” they think it means either “old people rowing”, or perhaps
really good (expert) rowers. The truth is it can be both or neither!

Old rowers never die! They just become masters

When most people hear the term “Masters” in front of “Rowing” they think it means either “old people rowing”, or perhaps really good (expert) rowers. The truth is it can be both or neither! You row as a “Master” from the age of 27, so it’s not only for old folks. You can also start rowing at any age, so it’s not only for experts! If you’re looking for a way to stay in shape and have lots of fun, then rowing is for you. Rowing is not just about the arms and upper body, in fact most of the power comes from the legs. It’s a great full body workout and a lot more fun than the gym!

Instead of sitting on the side-lines watching your children and wondering what it’s like, why not try rowing?

Start your Learn to Row journey with a try-out session

Learning to row starts with a try-out session where our club coach will take your through the basics. This enables you to give rowing a try without committing to a whole Learn to Row course. “Try-out” sessions are scheduled by our captain. Email us to ensure you are on the mailing list for the next session. These are usually on a Saturday morning at 07h00. There is a small upfront charge which must be paid prior to confirmation of the scheduled row. The sessions are co-ordinated by the Learn to Row Co-Ordinator. 

If you are still interested in rowing after the try-out session, you will then be slotted into a Learn to Row course. The programme will be presented by coaches who are members of VLRC. The aim is to teach you the basics, up to the point that you will feel comfortable and competent rowing in a crew boat. 

We will use quads or octs, so you can expect to stay more or less dry. The Learn to Row course runs over 8 weeks and costs R1050. 

Contact us today and you'll soon discover the thrill of rowing!

A brief guide to Masters Rowing in South Africa

Masters are divided into age categories, based on the average age of the crew: A: 27 and older, B: 36 and older, C: 43 and older, D: 50 and older, E: 55 and older. This continues in 5 year groups all the way up to K (85 and older).

The ages are used to apply the handicap system when crews in different age categories race against each other in the same race. When mixed crews (men and women) race each other, each woman in the crew gets between 10 and 15 years added to her age to calculate the average age of the crew. There are different divisions in Masters: 1st through to 3rd and S (Social). 1st Division is for “seeded” and “serious” crews. 2nd Division is for experienced racers who are not yet competitive enough for 1st Division. 3rd Division and Social are often combined and are for novice, mixed and woman only crews.

The handicap system is applied at the end of the race, using the time of the fastest boat across the line as the benchmark time. Times are then adjusted by either adding or subtracting time according the handicap table in the RowSA Rules of racing. The places are based on the adjusted times.

So why not don't you do it? We will be running out next Learn to Row course in April. Contact us today if you're interested.
Learn to Row!


Experience the thrill of your boat gliding through the water, your blades flashing in unison, squaring, dipping, drawing, rising, feathering... you too can learn to row!

  • Come for a try-out session
  • A qualified coach will assess you
  • Saturday mornings as confirmed by our captain
  • Cost: R140 per session
  • Contact us to book your place today!

Important: Rowing at VLC summary for novice rowers.

WARNING: Rowing is addictive and can lead to excess weight loss!!!
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